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Wholesaleairtrack – your partner in exercise

A new discipline called AirTrack, for a very short time has attracted the attetntion of a large number of people in the world. Airtrack engages the whole body’s muscles and puts your body in front of a great chalange. The ai track requires extraordinary dedication, concentration and strenuous training, which is then rewarded with incredible skills. If you do right air track can give you a complete sense of freedom and control over yours own movements.


Training is carried out on a special pathway or air tumble mat, which prevents the possibility of injury. Airtrack is designed to alleviate the fall and to give the gymnastics the possibility to continuine further with his training. And that is where the Airtrackfactory comes. We are one of the leading AirTrack manufacturers in the world.


Air tumle mat can last for 5-7 years and you can choose whatever colour you want. Nowdays you can find 3 types of air tumble mat : 10 cm thickness airtrack, 20 cm thickenss airtrack and 30 cm thickness airtrack. And every type has its purpose. The first one is great for gymnastics, cheerleading and school sports. Second one is ideal for advanced athletes. Thrid air track is the most versatile and bounce air trak. AirTrack Factory – your partner in exercise. All air tracks are made of material called Double Wall Fabric (DWF) constisting of 2 layers of coated vinyl with thousands of threads connecting two layers.


And here are some intresting things that you may not know about AirTrack and air tumble mats:

  • Every AirTrack is checked three times for quality.
  • Because we care, equipment is tested on size, flatness, color and special requirements
  • Every AirTrack is handmade by a team of experts, who works with the intention to bring the best to you.
  • Each m2 of equipment consists of 80.000 threads.


AirTrack is good for everyone – for kids, for older people, for people who practice a lot (gymnast, cheerleder ) . Kids can learn how to control and keep them in balance and maintaining flexibility trough practice can prevent stiff joint at each stage of life. Adults can strengthen their body flexibility and coordination through practice and play. For the gymnast who wants exercise their skills at home, these mats are ideal for it. They provide a safe area to practice tumbles, jumps, flips, or complicated gymnastic moves.


More information about AirTrack and our air tumble mats you can find on


Wholesaleairtrack – your partner in exercise!


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